Industry Sector

Accommodation, Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes & Restaurants
Caravan Parks & Camping Grounds
Caterers & Food Service Clubs
Holiday Houses, Flats & Hotels
Hotel Accommodation

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

Fruits & Vegetables Farming
Cattle Farming
Cotton Growing
Fish and Seafood Farming
Grain Growing
Horse Farming
Poultry Farming

Communication Services

Courier Services
Internet Service Providers
Mobile Telecommunications Carriers
Postal Services
Satellite, Television and Radio Relay Operations
Telecommunications Resellers
Wired Telecommunications Carriers


Air Conditioning Services
Building Construction
Concreting & Electrical Services
Fire and Security System Services
Heavy Industry and Other Non-Building Construction
House Construction
Road and Bridge Construction

Government Administration & Defense

Central Government Administration
Local Government Administration
State Government Administration


Government Schools
Language and Other Education
Preschool Education
Private Schools
Technical & Further Education
University & Higher Education

Electricity, Water & Gas Supply

Electricity Distribution
Electricity Generation
Electricity Transmission
Gas Supply
Sewerage and Drainage Service
Water Supply