Human Resources and training services

We realize and understand that the basic principle in modern business administration strategy is human resources as "the concept of modern administration is that it is a social process that attempts to use rare human Resources to achieve the organization's targets".

As a result of this, we are interested in developing the human Resources with our customers so that they can use these resources properly to achieve the firm's targets. This is done through training programs or designing of systems and programs presented by our specialized experts in the following domain:

  • Developing work appropriate ways (improving the performance in return for payment) to manage workers' performance and design effective bonus system and competitive plans.
  • Helping the employees focus on the job requirements and improve their behavior and performance of their jobs in a successful way.
  •  Redefining the organizational structure and establishing a main performance axis for the management and the jobs of each department.
  • Renovating the human resources programs and their applications and focusing their efforts on the firm's targets.
  • Getting acquainted with the administration philosophy and establishing systems and applications that would reflect this philosophy.
  • Assisting with change in management techniques.
  • Evaluating the wages department and measuring the results of achieved and target profitability.

Selecting the best elements to wok for our customers through accurate identification of customers' requirements and their job descriptions, announcing for their jobs in daily newspapers and holding the necessary interviews and tests to pick up the best:

  • The Fourth Annual Conference of Accounting Department (Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University), New Directions of Accounting and Auditing under the new economical and technological changes – June 2007.
  • The Twelfth Taxation Conference on the effectiveness of Appling the Egyptian Taxation System (the Egyptian general association for public finance and taxes ) June 2007 .
  • The thirteenth conference on the modern developments for accounting , auditing and the future of accounting and auditing job in Egypt through services trade liberation and the financial taxations and economical variable ( Air Defense House ) September 2007 .       
  • The second international conference on challenges of accounting and auditing Job, reality and prospective ( Nile Hilton – Cairo) October 2007 .
  • The twelfth Arab Conference , Knowledge Budgets of Planning costs to predict the hidden relation between cost and profits (Cairo Sheraton ) October 2007




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