Research, Development and Economic Feasibility Studies (finance/marketing/management)

In the light of continuous development we are undergoing, work is marked by specialization and division of tasks. Knowledge accumulated over decades in a way that it is so difficult for any individual to be become fully acquainted with one of its braches. Generally speaking, the practical have become so complicated that an integrated team is needed to deal with them. This becomes clear in the research, feasibility studies and evaluation fields, as the success of investment projects depend on comprehensive, accurate and objective studies of these projects in order that the available resources can be optimally used. This can be achieved through the feasibility studies of the investment project from the marketing, technical, engineering, financial, economic, profit-oriented and social aspects in order to decide the extent of its success in achieving the desired target, either in the form of economic or social proceeds.
As a result of this, we are committed to our role and responsibility toward our customers in offering services in this field to evaluate investment projects and decide on the most appropriate option for the investor through experts and specialists in this field.

The office offers the following services

  • Feasibility studies of projects in various sectors.
  • Market studies.
  • Studies for the restructuring of institutions and companies.
  • Studies for the valuation of institutions and companies.
  • Studies for the valuation of shares and offering consultation on selling and purchasing of shares.

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