Professional Publications
  1. Member of the editorial board of Minbar El-Togorien magazine published by the Syndicate of Commercial Professions in Giza.
  2. Editor-in-chief of the Accountants Guide magazine [in Giza].


  1. The scientific conference on accounting and auditing (1980).
  2. The forum on the future of labor in the light of the Unified Labor Law (1994).
  3. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Program. ( 1998 )
  4. The conference on tax and the 21st century: A future vision (1998).
  5. The annual conference on Crisis and Disaster Management (1999).
  6. The conference on accounting and auditing criteria for Islamic financial institutions (1999).
  7. The second forum of accounting and auditing companies and offices in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Kuwait, 2005).
  8. The conference on financial reports: Opportunities and challenges (Lebanon, 2005).
  9. The forum on constitutional amendment and its impact on investment and administrative climate in Egypt (2005).
  10. The first Arab conference on internal audit in the context of company governance (Cairo, September 2005).
  11. The symposium on company governance rules between theory and application (Cairo, December 2005).
  12. The conference on transparency and openness: for a better climate for investment in Arab countries (Cairo, February 2006).
  13. The forum on accountants and auditorsí role in boosting the firm value (Cairo, February 2006).
  14. The second Arab conference on Inter-Arab Trade (Doha, April 2006).
  15. The forum on discussing the draft executive statutes of the income tax no. 91 for the Year 2005, Tanta University, Faculty of Commerce.
  16. The forum on discussing the draft executive statutes of the income tax no. 91 for the Year 2005, [Taxation Society].
  17. The course on Performance Evaluation, the National Quality Institute, (Cairo, August 2006).
  18. The conference on business development and family companies (Cairo, February 2007).
  19. The course on modernized Egyptian accounting criteria (Cairo, November 2006)

(The Egyptian Society for Accountants and Auditors in cooperation with the Capital Market Authority)

  1. The eleventh annual †scientific conference on improving & developing of local management† system† in Egypt† ( Cairo, April 2007 )
  2. The forum on the taxation disclosure in the †taxation legislations-thd Egyptian association for taxes( June 2007 )
  3. The first scientific conference of the tax reform vision February 2008-El Zahra room-Green plaza Hilton.
  4. The first Arab conference with title :

Accommodation of the corporations reports in the light of standards globalization 2008-Cairo.

  • The third forum of accounting and auditing companies and offices in the Gulf cooperation council countries an around the profession of accounting and auditing profession as abase for protecting and developing the economic 2008-Doha-quater.
  • The new views in the accounting thought in the light of the application problems, May 2008-the reception house-Ain shams university.
  • The Fourteenth conferences on the legislation and the tax accounting problems of the Egyptian taxation system-June 2008-El orkid-Air defense house-Cairo.
  • The second forum on the tax-laws and their effects on exporting the food industries June 2008- shebard hotelĖNivertity.
  • The second conferences of the social responsibility of corporations-investment and the responsible work practices march 2009-l Mariot Hotel in zamalk-cairo.
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